11-year-old Tre’shawn Pittard builds Toledo mowing business

Tre’shawn Pittard’s day begins at Riverside Elementary in North Toledo. But as soon as the bell rang, it was time to go to work.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Tre’shawn Pittard is a decisive 11-year-old boy who plans to make his dreams a reality.

A day for a young entrepreneur starts at Riverside Elementary School in North Toledo. But as soon as the bell rang, it was time to go to work.

Mowing a neighbor’s yard turned into mowing the lawn for someone he’d never met. From there, Pittard had a business on hand.

“I start in the front and work my way up to the back,” Pittard said of his mowing process.

For the past few years, he and his brother have been mowing his mom’s yard and those of several neighbors. His first day of work began when he did what every kid does: ask questions.

“It started when I was at home and I asked my mom’s boyfriend, ‘Can I mow the lawn?'” Pittard said. “he said yes.”

Then, the lawnmower hits the grass, and it’s smooth sailing from there. Once he started, Pittard said the mowing was calm and allowed him to focus on his single goal.

“I just had to make this yard perfect,” he said.

Ultimately, Pittard decided it was time to take his business to the big leagues and make some professional business cards at the nearby branch of the Lagrange Library.

“We’re thrilled,” said library spokeswoman Kelsey Rader. “We want people to know about our resources, and we want them to come in and use them. We’re glad he’s doing so in such a positive way as well.”

He got more business cards to advertise his services.

“When I first started, I had seven before I was posted to Facebook,” he said. “(It is now) 12 or 11.”

Like any good businessman, Pittard has the vision to prepare for the future and further expand his business.

What will happen in a few months?Snow

Pittard is using his established business contacts and networking skills to research snow removal equipment.

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