36 Unexpected Gifts For The Who Have It All For Christmas 2022

There’s always going to be that one person on your holiday shopping list, that absolutely impossible person who has everything and wants nothing. While it might be tempting to skip gifting that unlikely person, it’s often not an option — or even if it is an option, it’s not a good option.

To help you find a great gift for the most difficult person on your holiday gift list, we scoured the internet and asked for insights from some of the hard-to-buy people in our lives to create this perfect holiday gift list for owning everyone. Need more ideas? Check out our favorite gift ideas for men, gift ideas for women, Amazon gifts, Nordstrom gifts, super practical gifts, and gifts under $25.

Space buffs and astrology buffs alike will love this really cool planetarium projector that projects accurate patterns of the starry sky onto the ceiling or wall at any date and time you specify. The projector can reproduce more than 8000 stars and 60 constellations, with adjustable speed to simulate the rotation of the earth.

While it might be tempting to tell someone on the hard-to-buy list for a holiday gift to go hiking, we recommend sending your message in a more subtle way, like Homesick’s “Gone Hiking” scented candle.

This is a super fun gift for anyone with a wood burning fireplace or fire pit at home, or someone who goes camping a lot. Toss these packets into the fire and watch the flames transform into colorful displays. Each bag is filled with crystals to create a rainbow of colored flames including dark blue, light blue, purple, red, green and yellow.

Pura Diffuser Pura

I received a Pura Smart Diffuser a few months ago, but I put it aside because I already have a traditional plug-in diffuser, and I don’t think there’s much of a difference. I was wrong! When I finally installed Pura, I was completely blown away by it. I love the scents, I love that you can program it to go on at a certain time, I love that it allows you to adjust the potency of the scent, and I especially love the customizable night light feature. This thing is so cool, I’m giving everyone I know one of these this year.

Rouge Louboutin Delicott nail polish Nordstrom

No one needs $50 nail polish, but omg, this bottle of eye-catching red nail polish in Christian Louboutin’s signature shade is an enviable gift!

Big blankets are big business, and this year is full of those oversized synthetic blankets that feel super plush. However, for something truly luxurious, skip the sherpas and opt for a 100% cotton jersey blanket, like this one from Saatva.

If the impossible shopper on your list has a pet, you’re in luck! Buy something for their pet, or something in Fluffy’s honor, like a suitcase personalized with their pet’s photo. Choices range from beverage bottles to carry-on luggage.

At some point, we’ll address the fact that no one — not one of you — washes their reusable water bottles, travel mugs, and hydration pouches on a regular basis. Now, since it’s the holidays, we’re feeling generous, and we’ll leave it to the fact that no one adequately cleans reusable drinking utensils and suggest that these bottle cleaning tablets are a great gift for someone in your life. The gift of reusable drinking utensils you know doesn’t get cleaned as often. (That’s all of you.)

For cat owners, this bed can be attached to any window, making it a great gift for kittens to have a hammock-like space to observe their surroundings.

We tested and loved the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit (some of our pets weren’t too fond of it!), and we think the accessory kit would be a great gift for the parent of a ruthless dog.

One way to give the gift to someone who has everything is to give them something that is both smart and useful. Thermacell’s E55 promises to create a 20-foot safe space for pests without DEET or citronella. Our reviewers love that it’s quiet, odorless, and best of all, it’s effective at repelling mosquitos.

CNN Underscore Best Test

Another way to give the gift to someone who has it all is to get them something that actually improves their life – like the gift of sleeping better! Lightweight and comfortable, Mavogel’s cotton face masks are easily our pick for the best sleep mask of 2022.

Another gift category that falls into the “clever and useful” category is Tile’s lost and found tags. Just attach them to jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles, or any other easily forgotten and lost items. Use the Tile app to activate the tag, then if anything goes missing, the person who found the item can (hopefully!) scan the QR code and access return details.

This little guy is such a handy tool, anyone will thank you for it! It has a tiny ceramic blade that slices through boxes and packing tape with precision and ease, yet is safe to touch, and a built-in magnet so you can attach it to your fridge for easy access.

It may not seem like much, but Hayley Kinne, our VP of Business Development, said of this back and neck massage tool, “I didn’t really know I was until this amazing massage miracle device hit the market. How to live my life with my constant shoulder stress cramps.”

For the gym-goer, a set of ultra-sleek Bala bracelets, which our reviewer described as “sleek, understated and downright beautiful,” are a great addition to an at-home workout routine and are small enough to take with you to the gym.

It might be tempting to give the cheese lover in your life a “cheese club of the month” type of thing. As a cheese lover, I want to insist that you don’t do that! Guys, too much cheese. (I know, I know, “There’s no such thing! Except… there is.) Instead, give this disposable cheese gift box that contains a 6-ounce block of Point Reyes farmstead toma cheese, a Beehive Cheese Co. cheese. Cape Cheese , Cave Pete’s Blue Cheese and Sartori Bellavitano Gold Cheese in Faribault.

The meat (or Keto!) lovers on your list who may be less handy in the kitchen will love this jerky gift set. The Jerky Variety Pack includes three flavors of jerky sticks, bags of jerky and chunks of beef jerky, habanero soda, whiskey maple syrup and honey bourbon.

CNN Underscore Best Test

In our review of coffee subscription services, Blue Bottle is a solid choice for Java lovers. It scored high marks for customizability, variety, and great taste, beating every other coffee subscription service we tested. If you’re looking for a gift that won’t keep giving too much, we also like the $40 Blend Box, which includes three of Blue Bottle’s most popular blends in a gift box.

Chocolate is a holiday gift-giving staple, and for good reason: Almost everyone loves chocolate! The Gold Godiva Gift Box is such a classic; we love this 8-piece locket because at $20, it’s the perfect gift to buy multiples for everyone on your list, including a few extras to keep for Those you may have forgotten!

Nuts are another important holiday staple – heck, there’s an entire ballet surrounding the importance of nuts to the Christmas experience! For those who like heat, we love this sampler; it includes BBQ Peanuts, Buffalo Hot Peanuts, Mixed Nuts of Assorted Flavors, Honey Sriracha Almonds, Sweet and Spicy Mixed Snacks, and Traditional Mixed Nuts.

Take things to the next level by gifting the Fly By Jing Tis The Seon(ing) Box to someone special. Your recipients will get some of the best Sichuan flavors to try in the kitchen—from chili oil to black vinegar.

We’re taking our advice and literally “burning it up.” The Solo Stove Yukon is one of our favorite fire pits because it burns super clean with almost no smoke and comes in a variety of sizes for any backyard or adventure. If you’re still undecided, check out our full review.

When we asked “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Lisa Barlow to recommend premade shakers for home bartenders, she chose this set of three-craft cocktail syrups. The tequila expert recommends using her own Vida Reposado and Moscow mule blender for Mexican mules, and the Vida Blanco to elevate spicy margaritas.

Scented candles make great gifts because scent is something very personal. During the holiday season, however, a fairly safe bet is to use balsam fir scented candles. Made from natural wax, this seasonal candle is vegan, paraben-free, biodegradable, and has a burn time of 75 hours.

For the more advanced home bartender, this 90-minute bartending class will help them improve their cocktail skills. In general, experiences are also a great way to shop for the hard-to-buy; Uncommon Goods offers a variety of classes, from tarot card reading to pet portrait painting, and one class is sure to suit the pickiest person on your holiday gift list.

Another way to tackle scented candle gifting tips is to give super personalized candles. If you know the recipient’s birthday, this pillar candle – which combines elements of astrology, numerology and tarot to create a unique scent and message for each birthday – makes a great gift.

If you’ve ever, or even owned, a pillar candle, you know that pillar candles have a very specific problem: once they burn enough, it impossible Light them with a standard-size match or lighter. This is very frustrating! These extra-long candle matches solve that problem, and because they can be personalized, they feel like an extra gift at startup.

Bath products are a welcome gift, especially for those who are really hard to come by, but they come with a catch: While it may be tempting to buy the gift of a set of bath salts or bath bombs, the reality is that once Sex – Using bath products tends to get tucked away in a drawer and forgotten. Instead, opt for a bottle or higher-end bubble bath, like this pretty one from Library of Flowers.

Everyone needs to wash their hands, and while we know everyone is tired of hearing it, we can’t think of many people who would say no to giving away a bottle of Jo Malone’s scented hand sanitizer.

These blindfolds received a “Highly Recommended!” rating from our social media strategist, Stephanie Griffin, who praised their ability to mask (haha, get it??) obvious signs of total lack of sleep. The 100% biodegradable eye mask helps reduce the appearance of eye bags and fine lines while cooling and moisturizing your skin.

As a hard-to-please friend who has been working from home put it, “Nobody fits ergonomics these days, they’re going to be miserable soon.” When gifting upgrades, home office accessories are an excellent category to consider; In addition to a wireless keyboard and mouse, other items to consider are curved monitors, small desktop scanners, or touchscreen monitors for easily signing and annotating digital documents.

Our business editor Chelsea Stone says of the tote: “Now that I have this bag from sustainability-conscious brand United By Blue, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to live without it.” It’s available from The tote turns into a backpack and features plenty of pockets, one of which can fit a laptop. Get one for everyone you know.

Bidet attachments are a great “upgrade” gift in their own right, but for anyone who’s already moved to the bidet lifestyle, Tushy’s latest product takes upgrading to a whole new level. Taken from our reviewer who said of the Ace, “Without a doubt, the Tushy Ace is a huge improvement over the Tushy Classic and Tushy Spa.” The Ace comes with endless hot water, heated seats, remote control, Conditioner and dryer, in the words of our reviewer, “You’ll wonder how you could use less.”

Even someone who has everything might wear some new underwear, but there are tricks to giving someone else underwear. That’s why we love this gift subscription from Underclub, which allows recipients to pick their favorite styles and colors. We also like the fact that gift subscriptions offer the option to share gifts via email or to print and customize gift cards for those who prefer to give physical gifts.

Gift cards or cash can be great gifts, but they can feel a little cold, which is why we love this inexpensive personalized card holder as a cash gift or gift card add-on. Slip money or plastic into one of the slots or zippered sections, and you’re good to go—no gift wrap required!

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