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Based on social media data and results from the World Wide Web, artificial intelligence is already generating ideas about what an “ideal” man and woman should look like.

The AI ​​images of men and women were created through engagement analysis on social media, using tools to view images of billions of people.

The Bulimia Project, an eating disorder awareness group, monitored the findings and warned that the results were “basically unrealistic” in their descriptions of the body types.

It said female figures tended to be blond with brown eyes and olive skin — while men tended to have brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin.

It also found that social media-inspired images collected by the AI ​​were “more sexual” than images based on everything else it found on the World Wide Web.

The study also showed some differences in body preferences between men and women.

AI Image Generates Ideal Male and Female Images

Social media-generated images of the “perfect” female body in 2023, featuring dark-skinned, slender, thin-waisted Caucasian women.

For women, 37 percent of the AI-generated images contained blonde hair, while 53 percent contained olive-skinned women.

Images of the “perfect” male body feature six-pack abs and muscular men in tight T-shirts.

These images were created using AI image generators Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

AI Image Generates Ideal Male and Female Images

For men, 67 percent of the AI-generated images contained brown hair and 63 percent contained olive skin.

The bulimia project then asked the AI ​​to share its views based on images from the internet.

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AI Image Generates Ideal Male and Female Images

For the “perfect” woman in 2023 – AI-generated images of women with predominantly brown eyes, brown hair, and tanned skin. For men with the same cues, it generates images of men with facial hair, mostly brown eyes and hair.

The Bulimia Project said: “Given the algorithms social media uses based on what content is most eye-catching, it’s easy to guess why the AI ​​rendering would be sexier.

“But we can only assume that the reason AI comes up with so many of the oddly shaped body types it finds on social media is because those platforms promote unrealistic body types in the first place.”

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