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Employees are more fearful and distrustful of AI in the workplace than their employers — as businesses see cost savings as a key benefit of the technology.

A UK-wide survey of attitudes and readiness to AI by recruitment giant Hays has found nearly a third of workers say they don’t have the right skills to make the most of the technology – but companies are already starting to adopt it.

Some 56% of employers believe AI should be accepted in the workplace, while only 8% say they should be afraid of it.

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AI hits like a ‘freight train’

But among employees, only 49 percent think AI should be adopted — with 13 percent concerned about its impact.

Currently, 21% of organizations say they are already using AI tools such as Chat GPT – 27% are investing in employee training to upskill AI tools and technologies.

The main benefits of AI identified by employers are cost savings, process efficiency and increased productivity.

More about artificial intelligence

Meanwhile, 55% of workers say their employers are not helping them prepare for the use of AI at work.

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The survey indicates that more and more companies will adopt AI – only 18% of companies said they intend to ban it, while 3% have already banned its use.

A majority (66%) said they would allow the technology to be used in the workplace, but would monitor how it is used.

According to the survey, the area of ​​greatest interest in artificial intelligence is marketing.

More than a third (37%) of marketing professionals say they have used AI tools in their current role. They were followed by technology professionals at 30 percent, construction professionals at 23 percent and sales professionals at 17 percent.

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Will this chatbot replace humans?

For businesses not using AI, the top reason listed was a lack of awareness or understanding of the benefits.

The findings come after BT announced it would cut 55,000 jobs by 2030 AI replaces 10,000 Role.

BT has revealed plans to slash the number of people working for the telecoms group, with artificial intelligence replacing thousands of jobs, as part of an effort to cut costs and boost profitability. The company said it hoped the positions would be lost through attrition rather than layoffs.

The telecom company added that it will use artificial intelligence to provide better customer service and seize other business opportunities.

unions also said Focus on workers’ rights As AI expands into the workplace, calls for greater rigor Regulation.

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