Authentic Lizzie Borden letter to auction at Boston house

How much would you pay for the autograph of Fall River’s most notorious resident?

Boston-based RR Auction is currently selling an authentic letter from Lizzie Borden to an acquaintance in Fall River. The auction will be held online until October. As of October 12, the bid was $1,612. 2.

The auction house estimated the letter to be worth more than $7,500.

The letter’ comes with the original mailing envelope in Bourdain’s hands, with the stamps cut out. Contained in a custom-designed purple leather display folder with a gilt-stamped spine on the front and a blind-printed ‘LB’ axe, “According to RR Auction.

The letter was written on personal letterhead in Lizzie’s pointed, elegant cursive and dated December 12. September 9, 1896 – Years after the brutal murder of her father and stepmother Andrew and Abby Bodden at their Second Street home in August 1892, and the lurid trial in which Lizzie was acquitted. The pair were apparently killed with an axe, and the horrific details in stark contrast to Lizzie’s staid, high-society demeanor caught the attention of the global media. Its unresolved state still fascinates true crime lovers to this day.

An 1896 letter from Lizzie Borden to Miss Jennie F. Bras is being auctioned at RR Auctions in Boston.

‘A wonderful house’:New owners give Lizzie Borden’s Maplecroft mansion a new lease of life

Lizzie’s letter is ‘a window into her personal life’

As of this writing, Lizzie lives with her sister, Emma Bodden, at 306 French Street. The 13 Victorian houses in the Highlands have yet to be named Maplecroft – a name Lizzie would have given it a few years from the turn of the century. The two lived out of the public eye, largely shunned by high society.

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