Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox Odds, Picks and Predictions

American League East rivals the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox will meet Monday night in the first game of a four-game series.

This is the final series of the 2022 MLB season between the Orioles and Red Sox. The Baltimore Orioles went 8-7 in a head-to-head season series.

Baltimore desperately needs a win to extend their playoff hopes, while Boston has lost the last five games and is playing the remainder of the 2022 MLB season.

Major League Baseball Injury Report

You don’t need to look at MLB injury reports to make a choice in this game, even though Boston has prominent names on injury reports.

We’ll check out the Orioles vs. Red Sox find odds on the best selection for your betting ticket today. The Orioles’ first game. The Red Sox are scheduled to play at the legendary Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts at 7:10pm ET.

Orioles vs Red Sox odds analysis

Red Sox odds analysis

Before making any Orioles vs. Red Sox picks, we need to review the odds.Online sportsbooks have the same odds as the Boston Red Sox Unexpected Betting Favoriteslisted between -123 and -135 on the money line.

The Baltimore Orioles are listed as convincing underdogs on the financial line between +110 and +114.

Most online sportsbooks have Boston (-1.5) as the underdog with odds between +140 and +160.

Orioles odds breakdown

Baltimore Orioles odds (+1.5) Yes Favorite running line betting on most sportsbookslisted between -169 and -196.

If you want to include a running total bet on the other Orioles vs. Red Sox picks, the online sports book lists the running total as 9.5.

Odds are between -108 and -115 for Over, and between +100 and -110 for Under.

Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox Betting Preview

The Baltimore Orioles enter Monday’s game with a 79-73 record (.520 winning percentage). The Orioles are chasing an American League wild card, but their chances are quickly disappearing as the MLB season wraps up.

Orioles average

The Baltimore Orioles are 4-6 over their past ten games and are averaging 4.2 points, improving their season scoring average to 4.18.

During the same time period, Orioles average 4.8 opponent runs per gameimproving their season scoring average to 4.18 per game.

The Boston Red Sox enter Monday’s game against the Orioles with a 72-80 record (0.474 winning percentage).

The Red Sox rankings make it clear that Boston has been sidelined from playoff contention for some time.

Red Sox average stats

The Boston Red Sox are 3-7 in their past 10 games and are averaging 3.7 points, dropping their season average to 4.52.

In the same ten games, the Red Sox have 4.5 surrenders to opposing batsmen per gamebringing their season average to 4.80 per game.

Major League Baseball Statistics

The Baltimore Orioles are 8-7 in their 2022 season series against the Boston Red Sox, according to MLB.

Of those fifteen games, only five ended by one point. This information should take into account any Orioles vs. Red Sox draft picks.

Starting pitchers:

Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles have right-handed pitcher Jordan Lyles scheduled to start Monday night in Boston. Lyles played 30 times with an 11-11 record. Pitched to 4.50 ERA and 1.39 WHIP.

The Orioles have won four of Lyles’ last six games and seven of his first 10 games. Of those ten appearances, all but one of Lyles’ appearances completed the cover run.

boston red sox

The Boston Red Sox have right-handed pitcher Conor Siebold scheduled to pitch the first pitch to the Orioles at Fenway Park on Monday night. Seabold went 0-3 in 4 appearancespitched to a 10.47 ERA and 2.20 WHIP.

The Red Sox won only one game at Seabold: an overtime win over the Chicago Cubs on July 3. None of Seabold’s four appearances has ended in a single inning, and Seabold hasn’t had more than the fifth inning in any of his starts this season.

Orioles picks and predictions for the Red Sox

Statistically, we picked Baltimore from every angle in the Orioles’ pick against the Red Sox. We pick the Orioles for Monday night’s win at the profit line in Boston (+110 to +114).

Everything we can analyze suggests the Orioles should win this game. However, Boston and Baltimore played close, in essentially a duel season series, where a third of their games were decided by one game.

Any Orioles vs Red Sox picks based on the odds line can be combined with a running line bet. Once again, we brought the Orioles to the running line with the Orioles’ pick against the Red Sox.

TonOrioles are the most popular betting starting line The betting lines (-169 and -196) are not the best odds.

The most profitable team in the game

However, if you choose Baltimore as your pick, you’ll probably want to take advantage of any Orioles on the run-line pick with Baltimore’s favorable odds on the winning line.

Combined with recent performances and retrospective stats, nothing gives us the confidence to pick the Boston Red Sox against the Baltimore Orioles.

If we were to pick one for our Orioles and the Orioles. The Red Sox drafted today and we brought the Baltimore Orioles to the winning line.

Major League Baseball Picks: Orioles (+112)

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