Blizzards and tornadoes rage as massive winter storm hits US | US News

A massive winter storm has spawned multiple tornadoes that toppled buildings, injured many and caused widespread damage across much of the United States.

Emergency services including sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, volunteers and a dog team searched for debris after a tornado struck about 10 miles from Shreveport, Louisiana, on Tuesday.

Two people were missing, one was injured and several buildings were damaged, the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Officials said their search was now focused on missing people after the tornado tore through Fort Four.

“I hope they are reunited with their families somewhere,” Sgt. Casey Jones said.

There were no immediate reports of deaths.

blizzard warning

Rain from a winter storm creates icy conditions in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022. A major storm sweeping across the country spawned tornadoes in parts of Oklahoma and Texas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth area, while much of the central U.S., from the Rockies to the Midwest, was battered by similar blizzards Tuesday Get ready for the weather. Figure: PA
Photo: Associated Press

In the far northwest, a blizzard warning was in place for an area stretching from Montana to western Nebraska and Colorado, and the National Weather Service said parts of western South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska could experience Two feet (0.6 meters) of snow.

Ice and sleet are expected in the eastern Great Plains.

Forecasters expect the storm system to encounter ice, rain and snow for several days in the upper Midwest and into the northeast and central Appalachians.

Residents from West Virginia to Vermont were also told to watch out for possible snow, ice and sleet, with the National Weather Service issuing a winter storm watch from Wednesday night through Friday afternoon.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle also have severe weather threats through Wednesday, according to the Oklahoma Storm Prediction Center.

In the south, a train of thunderstorms brought tornadoes and destructive tornadoes in northern Texas and Oklahoma in the early morning hours, said National Weather Service meteorologist Tom Bradshaw. Wind, hail and heavy rain.

A greenhouse is erected over a fence in the backyard of Randy Popiel's home Tuesday, Dec. 12, after a possible tornado in Grapevine, Texas.  13th, 2022.  ( Valverde II/The Dallas Morning News via AP)
Tornado damage in Grapevine, Texas.Photo: Associated Press

flight delay

Authorities reported dozens of Homes and businesses damaged, several injured in suburb and counties north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The tornado warning prompted Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to issue a “shelter-in-place” order Tuesday morning, asking passengers to stay away from windows, the airport announced on Twitter.

More than 1,000 flights in and out of airports in the region were delayed and more than 100 canceled, according to tracking service FlightAware.

In nearby Grapevine, police spokeswoman Amanda McNew reported five confirmed injuries.

“We’re starting to examine the damage to property, businesses, homes and roads across the city,” she said.

Images showed downed power lines, downed trees and damaged buildings on rain-soaked streets, with what appeared to be a trailer being thrown around a car park.

Crews survey damage from a possible tornado in Grapevine, Texas, Tuesday, Dec. 12.  13th, 2022.  ( Valverde II/The Dallas Morning News via AP)
Tornado damage in Grapevine, Texas.Photo: Associated Press
Belinda Penner watches Jr. Ibarra and Jared Reaves carry beams from her cousin's home that was destroyed by a tornado in Oklahoma Pic:AP
Clean up the wreckage in Oklahoma.Photo: Associated Press


Meanwhile, a tornado devastated the Oklahoma town of Wayne shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Caused widespread damage, but no casualties.

A closed sign hangs over a closed gate to prevent traffic from entering the eastbound lane of Interstate 70 on East Airpark Road, Tuesday, Dec. 12.  13, 2022, Aurora, Colorado. A massive winter storm has closed roads in northeastern Colorado.  (AP Photo/David Zarubowski)
Roads were closed throughout northeastern Colorado.Photo: Associated Press
Damian Reinhold was outside his friend's house on Tuesday, Dec. 12, surveying damage to trees that had been brought down by a tornado.  13, 2022, Wayne, Oklahoma.  (AP Photo/Suo Grokey)
Trees felled in Oklahoma.Photo: Associated Press

In parts of Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota, power outages, damaged trees, fallen branches and hazardous travel conditions threatened the region.

“Basically no one is traveling right now,” said Justin McCallum, manager of the Flying J truck stop in Ogallala, Nebraska.

In Colorado, all roads were closed in the northeast quadrant of the state.

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