Bruins advance to first round in training camp

Up front, the team announced that forwards Joey Abate, Samuel Asselin, Justin Brazeau, JD Greenway, Curtis Hall, Georgii Merkulov, Luke Toporowski, Eduards Tralmaks and Alex-Olivier Voyer were assigned to Providence to start P-Bruins training camp.

During the week-long game at Bears training camp, many players in the group fell in love with something. Toporowski’s presence as a dynamic pre-screener for the Bears is especially notable. Originally signed to an AHL-only contract, his progress is certainly worth watching, as his progress may land him a standard NHL contract sooner or later.

Merkulov was also in the spotlight, coming close to scoring in Tuesday’s extra-time win over Rangers. The former Ohio State standout is expected to play a top-six role for the P-Bruins in 2022-23.

A player who might be worth a longer look? Edwards Tramark. Unfortunately, the 6-foot-4 Latvian forward, who scored 14 goals and scored 27 points in 51 games against Providence last year, was sidelined by a lower-body injury in Saturday’s scrimmage. According to the Bruins, it was an injury and he is expected to be sidelined for at least four weeks.

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