Club National Championship 2022 qualifying thread

Players warm up at the 2021 U.S. Ultimate Club Championship.
Players warm up at the 2021 U.S. Ultimate Club Championship in San Diego. Photo: Kevin Leclerc —

Here is the list of teams that will qualify for the 2022 U.S. Ultimate National Championship in San Diego, CA! This list will be updated frequently with new information. We will update our segmentation by region as results become available.

Women’s Qualifiers

Washington DC Scandal (MA1)
Washington DC Grit (MA2)
Pittsburgh Parcia (MA3)
Minneapolis Pop (NC1)
Boston Brute Force (NE1)
Toronto 76ers (NE2)
Vancouver Transit (NW1)
Portland Schwa (NW2)
Seattle Riot (NW3)
Raleigh Phoenix (SE1)
Atlanta Ozone (SE2)
San Francisco Fury (SW1)
San Diego reverse (SW2)
San Francisco Night Lock (SW3)

Men’s Qualifier

Washington DC Truck Stop (MA1)
Pittsburgh Temper (MA2)
Virginia Treasury (MA3)
Madison Madison (NC1)
New York Colts (NE1)
Toronto Goats (NE2)
Seattle Redeye (NW1)
Portland Rhino Grand Slam (NW2)
Austin Double Wide (SC1)
Denver Johnny Bravo (SC2)
Atlanta Chain Lightning (SE1)
Raleigh Ring of Fire (SE2)
San Francisco Revolver (SW1)
Southern California Condors (SW2)

mixed qualifier

Philadelphia AMP (MA1)
Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust (NC1)
Madison Noise (NC2)
Ames Chadrason Experience (NC3)
New York XIST (NE1)
Boston Slow (NE2)
Seattle Mixtape (NW1)
Seattle BFG (NW2)
Vancouver Red Flag (NW3)
Shame on Fort Collins. (SC1)
Denver Love Tractor (SC2)
Huntsville Space Force (SE1)
Atlanta Dirty Birds (SE2)
Durham Toro (SE3)
San Francisco Polar Bears (SW1)

National Qualifiers Bold.

Great Lakes









Washington DC Scandal Beat Pittsburgh Palcha 14-6 in the semifinals; beat Washington, D.C., 15-10 in the final.
washington dc grit Defeated Philadelphia Flight 15-9 in semifinal; lost to Washington Scandal 15-10 in final.
Palcha Pittsburgh Beat Philadelphia Flight 15-6 in the game.

1. The Washington, D.C. Scandal
2. Washington DC Grit
3. Pittsburgh Parcia


Washington DC truck stop Beat the Philadelphia Phantoms 15-5 in the semifinals; beat the Pittsburgh Templars 15-8 in the finals.
Pittsburgh temper Defeated Virginia Vault 14-9 in the semifinals; lost to Washington, D.C. Truck Stop 15-8 in the final.
Virginia Vault Beat Garden State Ultimate 13-8 in the game.

1. Washington DC Truck Stop
2. Pittsburgh temper
3. Virginia Vault


Philadelphia AMP Beat the Washington Rally 15-5 in the final.

1. Philadelphia AMP

North Central


Minneapolis Pop Beat St. Louis Stellar to lead 15-2 in the final.

1. Minneapolis Pop


Madison Madison defeated the Minneapolis team 13-11 in the final.

1. Madison Madison


Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust Beat the Ames Chad Larson Experience 15-1 in the semifinals; beat Madison Noyce 14-9 in the final.
Madison Noise Defeated Kansas City United 11-9 in the semifinals; lost to Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 14-9 in the final.
Ames Chadrason Experience Beat Wichita Shock 15-13 in the game.

1. Drag’n Thrust, Minneapolis
2. Madison Noise
3. Ames Chadrason Experience



Boston Brutals Beat the Toronto 6ixers 13-12 in the final.
Toronto 6ixers Beat New York BENT 15-12 in the game.

1. Boston Bruins
2. Toronto 6ixers


new york pony Beat the Boston Diggers 15-14 in the final.
toronto goat Beat the Boston Diggers 15-13 in the final game.

1. New York Pony
2. Toronto Goat


New York XIST Beat the Boston Sprockets 12-9 in the final.
boston slow Beat the Boston Sprockets 14-13 in the final game.

1. New York XIST
2. Boston is slow



transportation in vancouver Beat Seattle Metro 15-8 in the semifinals; beat Portland Schwarz 14-10 in the finals.
portland schwa Defeated Seattle Riots 15-11 in semifinals; lost to Vancouver Traffic 14-10 in finals.
The Seattle Riots defeated Seattle END 15-4 in the game.

1. Vancouver Transportation
2. Portland Schwarz
3. Seattle Riots


seattle red eye Beat the Portland Rhino Grand Slam! Finals 14-13.
Portland Rhino Grand Slam! Beat Vancouver’s angry George 15-11 in the final game.

1. Seattle Redeye
2. Portland Rhino Grand Slam!


seattle mixtape Beat Montana MOONDOG 15-9 in the semifinals; beat Seattle BFG 15-9 in the finals.
Seattle BFG Beat the Vancouver Red Flags 15-9 in the semifinals; lost to the Seattle Mixtape 15-9 in the final.
Vancouver red flag Beat Montana State 14-12 in the game.

1. Seattle Mixtape
2. Seattle BFG
3. Vancouver Red Flag

South Central


Denver Molly Brown Beat Colorado Small Batch 15-4 in the finals.

1. Molly Brown, Denver


Austin Double Wide Defeated Denver’s Johnny Bravo 14-13 in the final.
Denver Johnny Bravo Beat Houston HIP 15-4 in the game.

1. Austin Double Wide
2. Denver Johnny Bravo


Shame on Fort Collins. Defeated the Dallas Public Enemy 12-11 in the final.
Denver Love Tractor Beat the Dallas Public Enemy 10-7 in the final game.

1. The shame of Fort Collins.
2. Denver Love Tractor



Raleigh Phoenix Beat the Atlanta Ozone 13-1 in the final.
Atlanta Ozone defeated Florida Tabby Rosa 15-9 in final game

1. Raleigh Phoenix
2. Atlanta Ozone


Atlanta Chain Lightning defeated Raleigh Ring of Fire 15-13 in the final.
Raleigh Ring of Fire Beat Raleigh-Durham United 15-9 in the final game.

1. Atlanta Chain Lightning
2. Raleigh Ring of Fire


Huntsville Space Force Beat Nashville ‘Shine 12-11 in the semifinals; didn’t play in the finals, but was a higher-ranked team before the weekend.
Atlanta Dirty Bird
Beat Durham Toro 15-11 in the semifinals; did not play in the finals, but ranked below Space Force before the weekend.
Durham Toro defeated Nashville ‘Shine 13-11 in the game.

1. Huntsville Space Force
2. Atlanta Dirty Birds
3. Durham Toro



san francisco fury Beat Oakland LOL 15-2 in the semifinals; beat San Diego Flipside 15-6 in the final.
San Diego reverse Defeated San Francisco Nightlock 15-12 in the semifinals; lost to the San Francisco Fury 15-6 in the final.
San Francisco night lock Beat Oakland LOL 12-10 in the game.

1. San Francisco Fury
2. San Diego Flip
3. San Francisco Night Lock


san francisco revolver Beat the Southern California Condors 15-11 in the final.
Southern California Condor Beat Berkeley Zyzzyva 15-4 in the game.

1. San Francisco Revolver
2. Southern California Condor


san francisco polar bear Defeated Lawless, Arizona 15-11 in the final.

1. San Francisco Polar Bears

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