Elon Musk says his dog is now Twitter’s CEO — company name quietly changed | Tech News

Elon Musk said his dog has replaced him as Twitter’s chief executive after appearing to back down on his promise to resign.

billionaire SpaceX Boss takes over day-to-day operations of social media platform Following a $44bn (£38bn) takeover in October last year.

After a tumultuous start to his tenure, Including thousands of laid-off employees and Warning from Regulators, musk Appears to commit to stepping down as CEO.

have Start a Twitter Poll In December, he wrote: “Should I resign as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll.”

Reminder of vows during impromptu livestream bbc In an interview Tuesday, Musk said: “I did resign. I keep telling you I’m not the CEO. Twitter, my dog ​​is the CEO of Twitter. “

Musk, 51, has often played down the controversies surrounding his stewardship of Twitter, recently replacing its recognizable bird logo with cryptocurrency dogecoin – Shiba Inu like his dog Floki.

The “w” in Twitter was also removed from signage outside the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

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Musk’s rare interview

Musk’s BBC interview was aired on the Twitter Spaces call and after the broadcaster Fight against being labeled “government-funded media” on the platform.

The BBC said it was arranged at short notice and at the company’s headquarters.

Musk is often critical of the media and recently removed its verification tick after the New York Times said it would not pay to keep it.

Accounts will soon have to sign up for subscription service Twitter Blue has a blue check mark.

After numerous false starts, Musk said the remaining check marks will finally be removed on April 20. Reporter is one of the accounts that will be affected.

Running Twitter is a roller coaster

After staying on as CEO, Musk admitted that running Twitter was a “roller coaster ride” — and said he only took over because a judge would force him to.

Musk had tried to pull out after making an initial offer in April 2022prompting Twitter to sue.

He said about 1,500 more of his employees left after last year’s mass layoffs. That included engineers tasked with preventing service disruptions, sources told Reuters.

Twitter has had several bugs and outages since the start of the year, according to internet watchdog NetBlocks, but Musk said any problems would not last long.

Musk also denied Hate Speech and Misinformation Rise on Twitter.

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Is a new name imminent?

The interview arose when Twitter Inc ceased to exist as a company.

It has been merged into a company called X Corp., according to a court document filed in California.

Musk appeared to confirm the move by tweeting an “X.”

Before he took office, Musk talks about ambitions to turn Twitter into “X, the app for everything”.

The vague idea has been compared to China’s WeChat, which combines messaging, marketplaces and public Twitter-style posts into one place.

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