Global Business Leaders Congratulate Maxim Behar – PRWeek Winner

Former ICCO Chairman Recognized as Best PR Professional Europe And be welcomed by leading PR experts from 25 countries

London, October May 2022 /PRNewswire/—— Maxim Bihar Congratulated by 50 business leaders from 25 countries on 5 continents Best PR Professional Europe 2022.The award is presented by the world’s most recognized public communication media PR Week. Behar has been selected as the winner by proven experts in the industry worldwide.

Maxim Bihar surprised by congratulation video collect some The world’s most prominent communications professionals and business leaders – Colleagues, partners, clients and friends. Maxim Bihar Is an CEO Leading PR firm M3 Communications Group Limitedand Chairman World Communication Forum Association exist Davos, Switzerland. He is also the past and current chairman of ICCO, the world public relations organization.

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in the welcome leadership Maxim Bihar Yes (in the order in which the videos appear):

David Gallagher (U.K), Tabisilpomo (South Africa), Paul Holmes (us), Andras Rado (Hungary), Pauli Genoa (Bulgaria), Solomon Passey (Bulgaria), nedin mantry (India), Jurgen Gangoli (Austria), Dima Tutar (turkey), John Sanders (us), Kamilia Slavikova (Bulgaria), Francis Ingham (U.K), Stefan Ivanov (Bulgaria), Sofia Lakatos (Hungary), Christopher Guinness (France), Alan Ogden (U.K), Alexander Durchev (Bulgaria), Justin Green (Ireland), Lubomir Stoykov (Bulgaria), sanga fort (Serbia), Mak Yin Lok (Vietnam), Milenzanov (Bulgaria), George Lozanov (Bulgaria), Dimitris Rulias (Greece), Cesarevalli (Italy), Arturas Joncus (Lithuania), Lena Stoyanova (Bulgaria), Flavio Oliveira (Netherlands), Lars Wolf (Sweden), Mina Nazari (Iran), Stuart Bruce (U.K), Catherine Rousseau (Romania), Pinar Alkan (turkey), Alison Clark (U.K), George Petkov (Bulgaria), Tatwick Simonyan (Armenia), Stefan Dimitrov (Bulgaria), John Berman (Denmark), Christina Fosgard (Finland), Christopher Christoph (Bulgaria), Zofia Bugana (Poland), Jason Frain (Spain), Alexander Christov (Bulgaria), Ciro Diaz Reis (Brazil), Stanislava Stratieva (Bulgaria), Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria), George Ruchev (Bulgaria), Amanda Coleman (U.K), Nikolai Nederchev (Bulgaria), Vlad Bachkalov (U.K).

Maxim Bihar Recognized as the Best PR Professional Europe the second time. The first award was presented to him in a special online ceremony in 2020.

apart from being a Experienced International PR Specialist and Former President of ICCO, the world’s most influential PR organization, Maxim Bihar Is Current International Growth Chairman organization.He was also elected Advisory Committee member or one of the most influential European universities ENGAGE.EU. Behar too One of the best PR books out there – author of “The Global PR Revolution”. Originally published on U.S.The book was an incredible success For two weeks, it was the best-selling read on Amazon in the public relations, sales marketing, and career advice categories. Maxim Bihar Yes The only Bulgarian inducted into the ICCO PR Hall of Fame.

about Maxim Bihar:

Maxim Bihar is a world-renowned public relations expert, entrepreneur, journalist, diplomat and Harvard Kennedy School graduate. He is the founder and CEO of M3 Communication Group, Inc., a leading Bulgarian PR firm, former ICCO President and current ICCO International Growth Chairman.He is also the President of the World Communications Forum Association Davos, Switzerland. He has been inducted into the Global PR Hall of Fame . London and has won many titles, including Best PR Professional Europe Named 2020 by PR Weekly, Global CEO of the Year by the International Stevie Awards, and Communicator of the Decade by the Business Communications Association of India. His book, The Global PR Revolution, was named a top 100 PR book of all time by Bookstore and set a bestseller record among Amazon’s new PR books. The Bulgarian-born considers himself a global citizen.

For more information please contact M3 Communications Group, Inc. on 0888 506 654 and [email protected].


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