“Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton warns of technological progress after leaving Google | Tech News

An artificial intelligence trailblazer dubbed the “Godfather of AI” has sounded a warning about the technology he helped create.

Geoffrey Hinton is the latest to join the list of experts artificial intelligence.

As far as departures go, Mr. Hinton wins Google Talking openly about his concerns about technology and the real threats it can pose to humanity.

“This idea that things can actually become smarter than people — some people believe that,” he told the New York Times.

Dr. Jeffrey E. Hinton
Jeffrey Hinton.Photo: Associated Press

“But most people think it’s far away. I think it’s far away. I think it’s 30 to 50 years or more. Obviously, I don’t think so anymore.”

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In 2019, Mr Hinton, along with scientists Yoshua Bengio and Yann LeCun, won the Turing Award – the tech industry’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize – for their advances in artificial intelligence.

At the time they were open about their concerns, but remained optimistic about the potential of using the technology to detect things like earthquakes, floods and health risks.

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‘We Can’t Control’ Artificial Intelligence – Computer Expert

Possible limitations of the technology that Mr. Hinton and other experts in the field worry about include the potential for artificial intelligence systems to make mistakes, provide biased advice, threaten privacy, give bad actors new tools and influence jobs.

end of april, More than 1,000 tech giantsElon Musk, among others, signed a letter calling for a halt to AI development.

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