How can Dutch technology help the development of China’s horticultural industry?

The Netherlands plays a vital role in modern greenhouse horticulture. With 90% of its crops grown in protected agriculture, it is the world’s largest exporter of seeds and horticultural technology. Dutch technology can be seen in many agricultural parks in China. At the 2022 China Greenhouse Industry Conference, the Dutch Horticultural Technology Forum hosted by Ridder and the Netherlands Protected Agriculture Alliance China (PIB) shared the current status and technology updates of greenhouse horticulture.

gentlemen. General Manager of Ridder Group Asia/NL Protected Agri Alliance China representative Fulco served as the forum moderator. Ridder Group has served greenhouse suppliers and growers for nearly 70 years, providing equipment and smart automation solutions for climate control, irrigation and management processes to the horticultural industry, and has implemented several boutique projects in China.

gentlemen. Wouter Verhey, Agricultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China, delivered an opening speech for the forum.

gentlemen. Li Zhi, general manager of Huake Resources, delivered an opening speech for the forum.

gentlemen. Hu Xizhe, Agriculture and Food Officer of the Agriculture and Food Division of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chongqing, introduced the situation of the Agriculture Division of the Netherlands Embassy and Consulate in Chongqing. Agriculture is the main industry in the Netherlands, and the Dutch government has given strong support in the field of agricultural facilities.

Robert Keijzer, General Manager of KUBO China, explained the differences and advantages of semi-enclosed and traditional Venlo greenhouses. Venlo greenhouses originated in the Netherlands. In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, semi-enclosed greenhouses have entered the public eye. How to better improve energy efficiency, choose appropriate solutions according to local conditions, and improve operational processes and automation levels are issues that practitioners are very concerned about.

gentlemen. Wu Yexiong from Hoogendoorn (Beijing) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the IIVO system. The continuous data collected by the IIVO system during the planting process can effectively analyze the health status of crops in the greenhouse, allowing growers to better interpret the growth needs of crops and make corresponding decisions.

gentlemen. Min Weifeng, the representative of the Dutch Greenhouse Delta in China, delivered a speech entitled “Food Safety from Table to Farm”, sharing the new concept of Dutch food safety production. Different from the previous “from farm to table”, it pays more attention to the improvement of the industrial system and takes the consumer market as the core. Holland Greenhouse Delta is an association of the entire horticultural industry chain in the Netherlands, and an international cooperation platform spontaneously formed by top Dutch horticultural companies.

Mrs. Fu Xianzhen of Food Ventures China shared how to “turn growing challenges into opportunities by promoting semi-enclosed greenhouses globally”.

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