Last week’s biggest retail tech at a glance – Retail Tech Innovation Hub

Alibaba Group’s Tmall Luxury Pavilion platform hosted an augmented reality fashion show and launched Meta Pass, which gives priority to digital access to branded products.

In recent years, the platform has deployed 3D shopping, augmented reality and virtual reality try-ons for products, digital avatars and digital collectibles.

In Shanghai this month, luxury executives attended the awards ceremony and explored an exhibition on extended reality.

“Before Metaverse became a buzzword, we’ve turned this buzzword into a commercial reality,” said Janet Wang, head of Alibaba’s luxury goods division.

Autonomous store specialist Trigo has devised what it calls “a new way to manage in-store inventory.”

EasyStock uses its existing sensing infrastructure to automatically provide real-time shelf availability to speed up the shelf replenishment process and reduce out-of-stock rates.

“With our shelf and inventory management software, retailers can track, analyze, forecast and manage any shelf or product to provide enterprise-wide visibility and improve direct-to-shelf performance,” the company said in a LinkedIn post. .”

“The EasyStock product is part of a range of add-on products that run on top of our StoreOS platform. This is another step forward in using computer vision and artificial intelligence to enable brick-and-mortar stores to benefit from the same insights and analytics as digital stores .”

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