LeBron James takes another shot at Celtics: ‘We all hate Boston’

LeBron James is doing his best as the Lakers now, continuing to shoot for the Celtics and Boston City. He had some tough competition with the C team as a member of the Cavaliers and Heat, and now, with his career over, he has naturally ended up with the Lakers.

James fired another shot in Boston during Lakers media day on Tuesday, talking about Kendrick Perkins with a bit of sarcasm. James was talking about Patrick Beverley of the new Lakers, who James said he hated playing against him as an opponent but loved being a teammate. James said the same to Perkins because he hated playing big men for years — and Boston. This is also when James is chasing Boston again.

“I still hate Boston,” James said in an interview with Spectrum Sportsnet. “Don’t be so twisted. We all hate Boston here.”

This isn’t the first time James has talked about Boston in the past few months, though. James said in an episode of his talk show “The Shop” that Boston fans were “as racist as[expletive].” That sparked more debate about the city’s history and how many athletes from the sport have come forward to say Boston has its own problems.

James’ remarks on Tuesday were more lighthearted. However, James’s partial ownership of the Red Sox through Fenway Sports Group is also controversial.

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