Letter to the Editor: How About Getting Lobster People in Business

Much has been reported about the potential harm lobster fishing tools pose to the endangered right whale. Let’s take a deep breath and note, to quote Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser, our Dataworld researchers: “Extinction is a natural part of our planet’s evolutionary history. Of the 4 billion species that have evolved on Earth, more than 99% Now gone. Over the past five centuries, at least 900 species have gone extinct.” Extinction is part of life.

Maybe it’s time for right whales to join that 99% and let our lobster people continue their business and feed their families and ours and all those who work and depend on their jobs and livelihoods to keep the lobster industry a success .

The people who “save the whales” (and, as long as they’re involved, all existing species) have assigned themselves a mission that no species will go extinct under their watch. Since they are the pinnacle of evolutionary development, their ego demands that they can and should control everything that happens on their planet – including the climate. But that’s another topic entirely, and nature will of course deal with it in its own way – as it has been doing for 4 billion years.

Russell Frank

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