Man charged with kicking and beating woman at Boston home, held without bail

A Revere man was ordered without bail Friday after he was arrested and charged with breaking into an apartment on Boston’s Hanover Street and assaulting a woman, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said.

Andrew Pucci, 29, was charged in the Central Chamber of the Boston Municipal Court with assault and battery, burglary and malicious damage to property over $1,200.

On Thursday, September 22, around 6:30 p.m., Boston police answered a domestic call on Hanover Street, according to prosecutors. The victim told police that Pucci kicked her front door, entered the apartment and punched her in the face. The victim then ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Pucci kicked the bathroom door, kicked two plastic boxes at the victim, and ran away when another person arrived at the scene.

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The victim told police that Pucci stole money from her wallet, apartment keys and her son’s game console. The woman refused treatment, officials said.

Pucci was arrested Thursday night when security at Massachusetts General Hospital notified police that Pucci had checked into the hospital’s emergency room.

Pucci was ordered without bail pending a hazard hearing scheduled for September 28.

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