Man found guilty of car attack at Christmas parade near Milwaukee U.S. News

Last year, a man was found guilty of driving a car to a Christmas parade near Milwaukee that killed six people.

Darrell Brooks faces six counts of manslaughter in the Nov. 21 attack in Waukesha, about 15 miles from Wisconsin.

Among the dead were an eight-year-old boy who marched with his baseball team and three members of the dancing granny group.

More than 60 people were injured.

As Brooks was convicted of a total of 76 counts. Someone in the courtroom shouted “burn in hell”.

The 40-year-old initially pleaded guilty, citing mental illness, but withdrew his guilty plea in September.

The following month, he fired his lawyers and began defending himself.

During the trial, he put up a capricious defense that included heated arguments with the judge, denial of his name and tortuous cross-examination.

At one point, after being transferred to another courtroom, he took off his shirt and sat topless on a table with his back to the camera.

Another day, he hid behind a box containing legal documents.

Brooks hinted that his car had a gas failure, he had no intention of harming anyone, and honked his horn to warn bystanders.

However, a vehicle inspector testified that the Ford Escape SUV was in good working order.

An SUV crashes into the crowd during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.Image: Jesus Ochoa
The SUV cuts through the crowd.Image: Jesus Ochoa

Prosecutors said Brooks ran away after an argument with his girlfriend, but has no idea why he drove to the march, other than being provoked.

He was on bail at the time on domestic violence charges.

“When you ride the parade route and roll over the kids … your intent is well known. It’s not accidental,” Waukesha County District Attorney Su Oper said in closing arguments.

Brooks faces a mandatory life sentence on each count of murder.

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