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Get to know your orthopedic surgery team. Here you can find pictures and resumes of orthopaedic staff.

PhD.Jorge Villafuerte Board Certified Orthopaedic, Director of Orthopedics. Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

medical school: University of Costa Rica 1995
residency: University of Costa Rica 1999
scholarship: University of Sheffield: Leg Lengthening and Limb Reconstruction Fellowship 2000.
Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Harvard Medical School: Sports Medicine 2001.
Board Certification: Orthopedic surgery

PhD. Villafuerte’s clinical interests include joint replacement surgery, hip, knee and revision arthroplasty.


PhD.Courtney Dawson [she/her/hers] Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, Associate Director of Plastic Surgery, Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine and Clinical Lecturer at Harvard Medical School

medical school: Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine, MD, 2005
residency: Harvard Joint Orthopaedic Residency Program, 2010
scholarship: Special Surgery, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery Hospital, 2011
Board Certification: Orthopedic surgery

PhD. Dawson’s clinical interests include meniscus tears, ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, knee and shoulder arthritis, tendon tears and fractures, with particular interest in sports-related injuries. In his free time as a surgeon, Dr. Dawson enjoys spending time with his family, biking, cooking and traveling.


PhD.Dina Galvin is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School.

medical school: Dartmouth Medical School
residency: Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital
scholarship: Harvard Hand Fellowship, Brigham &Women’s, Hand and Upper Limb 2000
Board Certification: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons:

PhD. Galvin’s clinical interests include nerve compression, dupuytren’s disease, ligament injuries, and hand arthritis, with particular interest in neurosurgery. In his spare time, Dr. Galvin enjoys traveling, playing tennis and photography.


PhD.Joseph W. Malches is an orthopedic surgeon

medical school: Geisinger Federal School of Medicine, MD, 2013
residency: UConn Health Center, Orthopedics, 2018
scholarship: New England Baptist Hospital, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery, 2019
Board Certification: Not applicable
graduate School: University of Utah 2009

PhD. Marchese’s clinical interests include rotator cuff tears, meniscal and knee ligament injuries, nerve compression syndromes in the elbow and hand, and osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, with a particular interest in shoulder replacement surgery. in Dr. In his spare time, Malches enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, skiing and playing the piano.


PhD.Prabdev Prasad Prudapa [he / him / his / himself] is an assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

medical school: Mysore Medical College, Mysore, India 2001
residency: Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India
scholarship: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. University of Minnesota Medical Center, Minneapolis. TRIA Orthopaedic Center, Minneapolis

PhD. Purudappa’s clinical interests include primary and revision joint replacement surgery of the knee, hip and shoulder, and arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder.


gentlemen.Paul S. Descilier is an orthopedic physician assistant

Board Certification: National Centre for the Performing Arts Certification
Undergraduate School: University of Nebraska Medical Center
PA school: University of Nebraska Medical Center – PA Program
scholarship: Orthopaedic Training Scholarship – United States Air Force

gentlemen. Desillier’s clinical interests are general orthopaedics, injection therapy, ultrasound-guided injections. Total joints, hands, movement.


Nicolas J. Desjardins is an Orthopedic Physician Assistant

Undergraduate: Merrimack College

PA schools: MCPHS University

Certification: PA-C National Theater


Jessica Fudge is an orthopedic nurse practitioner

Undergraduate School: University of Maine, ASN, 2012; University of Phoenix, BSN, 2014
Nursing or PA School: Walden University, MSN, 2019
Board Certification: American Academy of Nursing Practitioners: Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP-C)

Jessica started working at VA Boston in 2015. She has worked with veterans since 2008. Veterans are her favorite patient group. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, traveling and caring for animals.


Alexandra Jules [she / her / hers / herself] Physician Assistant in Orthopedics

Undergraduate School: Northeastern University 2018
PA school: Tufts University School of Medicine 2021
Board Certification: PA-C National Theatre

Alexandra Jureller’s clinical interests include general orthopaedic surgery, especially hand surgery and sports medicine.


Emma Moser [she / her / hers / herself] Physician Assistant in Orthopedics

Undergraduate School: Marywood University, Bachelor of Health Sciences, 2020
PA school: Marywood University Physician Assistant Program, 2021
Board Certification: PA-C National Theatre

Emma’s clinical interests are general orthopaedics/surgery, sports medicine, hand and upper extremity


Effie Sally [she / her / hers / herself] is an orthopedic nurse practitioner

Undergraduate School: Tel Aviv University
Nursing or PA School: Regis College
Board Certification: FNP-BC Family Nurse Practitioner

PhD. Sally enjoys spending time with her family and the outdoors


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