Nick Jonas and John Varvatos unveil their list of holiday party hosts

When you’re a celebrity attending a lavish dinner, cool things can happen. Take, for example, 2017 in New York City, during which singer/actor Nick Jonas met famed designer John Varvatos. “We really hit it off and ended up talking about fashion and music most of the night,” recalls Jonas. “We realized we had a lot of common interests and goals and started looking for ways to collaborate.” The best friends soon collaborated on a menswear campaign and a fragrance line.

They usually end a long day with a shot of tequila. So, in 2019, it was perhaps inevitable that they decided to toast to a whole new business venture.

With Villa One Tequila, the duo created a blend of tequilas from the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico. “We wanted the best in class but not outrageously expensive,” Varvatos explained, adding that he spent two months developing flavors with winemaker Arturo Fuentes that would be “unique and unique.” round shape”. Jonas added, “We’re all very hands-on with the brand and have an eye for detail with quality at the forefront.”

Their drinks, they added, proved to be especially handy during the festive season. “I love that entertainment during the holidays brings people together,” Jonas said. “This is a special time when everyone can slow down from their crazy schedules and have a good time. Being able to welcome people into our home with great food and drinks just puts me in the festive spirit .”

This year, he and his wife, the actress Priyanka Chopra, are planning a low-key vacation “to spend time with family and loved ones.” (No, Jonas didn’t mention whether that mix included several of his famous brothers.) Varvatos, meanwhile, praised his family’s lake house “designed for entertaining, and it’s amplified during the holidays. ’ That means having a smorgasbord and a full bar ready at all times. “My wife Joyce always feels like part of the party because of our open kitchen,” he says. He also plans to take his friends to Empire Farm in Kopac, New York, because “it’s a perfect postcard, a true winter wonderland.”

Even though they will be apart this season, they still teamed up on CNN Underscored’s list of holiday hosts.

Villa One

Jonas will add sparkling water and a slice of orange to the drink on the rocks, thank you. “It’s perfect for an after-dinner nightcap,” he says. “It’s been aged in American oak for six months, so it’s sweet and smoky.” Varvatos likes to make a margarita by combining the Reposado with fresh lime, jalapenos, and a dash of orange juice. His mocktail of choice? Ginger ale with a dash of bitters and a dash of orange juice.

Mepra Vintage Tableware

“I’m partial to vintage mid-century cutlery, plates and glasses,” says Varvatos. “Having everything have a similar vibe makes for an eclectic table.” There are plenty of used vintage flatware currently available on eBay and Etsy; this Italian-made vintage flatware set from Pottery Barn is crafted from stainless steel.

LinkedIn: 2022 Edition

No big deal, but Jonas started playing this British board game while on vacation with his wife and Mick Jagger. The setup is simple: each player picks a card with words arranged in seemingly random order and must figure out how they are connected. The first person or team to spell the word “Linkee” with all the correct cards wins. “It can get very competitive, and everyone I introduce to it ends up loving it,” he said. In fact, Jonas just released his own curated version of the game.

OTD cashmere-blend sweater

The sleek fashion designer doesn’t have a go-to wardrobe when presiding over a model. but still. “You can never go wrong with a great sweater,” he shares. He’s especially fond of this plush cashmere wool blend from his new label OTD. But Varvatos does advise hosts and guests to follow one specific style rule: “Dress a little more festively for the holidays, and save your elegant black for New Year’s Eve!”

Rob's Backstage Popcorn

The heart of the truth: Jonas always keeps this salty snack by his side. “It’s full of flavor and has really become a staple for me,” he says. On the sweet side, he and his wife also started the tradition of decorating holiday cookies for guests. At a Varvatos party, guests enjoy chips and dip. After all, he said, “how could you go wrong?”

Motown Best Collection

For party music, both Varvatos and Jonas chose classics from Detroit. “I love listening to almost every Motown artist!” says Varvatos, digging into his vinyl collection, playing his favorites on vintage turntables. (He also likes Willie Nelson’s holiday music!) Jonas notes that he “personally loves some good Stevie Wonder classics” and dances to Prince and the Bee Gees in the street (er, living room).

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