Patients will be able to use NHS app to choose private hospital care to help waiting lists – report | UK News

Patients will soon be able to use an NHS app to choose private hospital treatment to reduce waiting times, according to a report.

NHS Waiting list for routine treatment exceeds 7 million It is expected to continue rising until next spring.

Both main parties are counting on more people choosing to pay for private care to reduce waiting times and free up the NHS.

A report in The Times said only 28 NHS hospitals currently allow patients to manage appointments through the app, although this is expected to expand when private hospital options are offered for the first time.

The paper quoted a Whitehall source as saying: “There is definitely room for that.

“The NHS app is growing in popularity and there are already features that allow patients to book direct, we are looking to modernize these booking features and update the options in the app.”

The number of diagnostic centers offering tests for cancer and other diseases will also be expanded by adding private-sector-run facilities — from 106 currently to about 190.

Only 63.5% of patients with a cancer diagnosis started treatment within two months of referral for testing, and the 85% target has been missed by nine years.

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A statement from the Department of Health and Social Care said: “Reducing waiting lists is one of the Government’s top five priorities and NHS apps play a vital role in giving patients greater control over their own care and supporting recovery from elective care. important role.

“We have already started implementing the work of the Selective Recovery Task Force and will soon publish a full plan outlining how we will further open up the independent sector, allowing patients to be treated faster and reducing waiting lists.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to confirm the plan in the coming weeks, The Times said.

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