Pay for what you want at Clover’s new Somerville store Friday

Today, Shamrock Foods Lab is Boston’s premier kosher and vegetarian food lab at 330 Foley St. in the Somerville assembly area.

As is tradition, you can pay whatever you want for Clover’s entire menu, from chickpea fritter sandwiches to Armenian potato salad and Japanese sweet potato platter. Relying on the overall generosity of its clients, Clover plans to donate any proceeds from the event to the Mystic River Basin Society, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the Mystic River.

As previously reported, the Clover (known as CloverROW when ordered online) is the first of the local chain to have a grocery store that will offer the company’s own meal kits, dips, compound butters, and more, As well as Massachusetts produce, New York maple syrup, and plenty of coffee beans from roasters all over New England.

The retail business is in partnership with Bobby MacLean and Alexandra Whisnant, who also run excellent chocolate and dessert shop Gâté Comme Des Filles and grocery store Picnic & Pantry (both in Bow Market) and cellphone-free wine and dessert bar Zuzu’s Petals, Opened in Cambridge last year.

Clover at Assembly Row is currently open daily from 7am to 8pm.

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