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Puma and Secret Sales

Fashion, sportswear and beauty brand marketplace Secret Sales has announced a partnership with Puma.

As a result, the sportswear retailer will be able to allocate excess inventory on Secret Sales’ marketplace and manufacture for outlet products.

According to Puma, this means it can “focus on full-price inventory on its own website and other channels, while having complete control over its branding, offers and pricing for secret sales”.

The company plans to double its active listing on the market to more than 1,500 products by the end of September.


The tech retailer said Currys is already delivering a more connected service across all of its channels, which will “deliver personalized journeys and customer insights at scale”.

Over the past 16 months, Currys has set out to transform itself into a “best-in-class digital omnichannel retailer.”

This saw it re-platform and upgrade its website, enhance its ShopLive service (a video commerce channel) and offer a new colleagues hub across all of its UK stores.

The latter enables frontline employees to gain customer visibility from the moment they step into the store. This includes online customer history, a log of all their interactions, and any items they put into their online shopping cart, all displayed in real-time.

It also acts as a one-stop shop for shop colleagues with quick access to knowledge articles and tasks so they can support every customer.

Spoon Guru and Google Cloud

AI-powered nutrition technology company Spoon Guru has partnered with Google Cloud to create innovative grocery retail solutions, starting with a product search and recommendation engine.

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