SLU Minority Business Mentoring Program Helps Entrepreneurs

SLU administrators say the community commercial habitat program has been validated and can be replicated elsewhere.

stone. LOUIS – A fast-growing minority business mentoring program at Saint Louis University is having an impact in the community and grabbing the attention of the education community.

Just across the street from St. In a building along Lindell Avenue at Saint Louis University, Renee Hawkins shows 5 On Your Side her office for mental health care.

Hodgins is a licensed professional advisor.

“Usually when people come to me, they’re probably going through depression,” Hawkins said.

She is also a participant in the Neighborhood Business Program at the Chaifetz School of Business.

“I’ve worked with masters-level MBA students as well as undergraduates who provide services that benefit my business.”

Jerry Belsky is an Advanced Accounting and Business Technology Management student at Saint Louis University.

“Accounting and management and marketing and finance,” Belski said, outlining some of the topics covered in the program. “There are a lot of things to balance, and it’s hard for business owners to do it on their own.”

Belsky is one of the program’s student ambassadors. A 5 On Your Side reporter asked him if he had ever been reluctant from a small business owner because he was a college student.

“That’s a good question,” he said. “I would honestly say not really, because a lot of these entrepreneurs are on their own and willing to help, and I think a lot of them are happy to work with young people.”

Hawkins told her that the value of the program was that she knew coaching. But when it comes to other aspects of the small business, she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know.

“From business and marketing analytics, social media content, everything like that,” Hawkins said. “It’s something that helps me keep up with how I’m more beneficial to the populations I serve.”

“Gen Z wants to do well, but they also want to do well,” said Dr. Chaifetz, dean of the Chaifetz School of Business. Banali Gupta.

She said the program is proven.

“It worked really well in St. Louis,” Gupta added. “In our area — North St. Petersburg. St. Louis County, Metro East — we have a replicable model and we can assure you that it works. We welcome more companies and volunteers, and we hope another Schools are able to take this template and reuse it across our district or country.”

The program gave Hawkins something to share with her clients.

“I really appreciate the service they provide,” she said.

St. The Saint Louis University Community Business Habitat Project is now helping minority entrepreneurs in the 50 St. Louis area.

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