Tourists need more technology to simplify their vacations

After the pandemic, travelers are demanding more tech experiences in their travels, so Facilitate your processes and decisions about vacationsEspecially in airlines.

Amadeus Airlines Regional Sales Director Manuel Zapata explained that there is a growing need to have a mobile app where quick solutions can be found, but as technology advances, They should combine biometric data, self-service and contactless to create a smooth experience for passengers.

Travel patterns have changed as the public health emergency has crippled the travel industry, and booking windows are now smaller, even on a daily basis, which has replaced the models airlines and hotel chains use to forecast demand. It is because of this change that the sector had to be modernized.

“There is a recovery, especially for domestic travel, but we see prices remain high and there is no trend to continue in the short term, so more options should be available.”He added.

the manager explained New structure forces tourists and service providers to rediscover themselves In order to meet these new options that users need, it will be through more personalized content.

For example, airlines now not only offer flights, but Tour package including hotel, car rental and tourhe explained, that before this AI, data will help provide passengers with more experiences and new behaviors to meet their expectations.

Mobile apps help speed up the process and keep travelers happy because in addition to personalization allow faster resolution, we’ve seen the trend that airlines are investing in identity kiosks, automation, apps to cover health regulation, but changes will come, such as moving to the cloud, artificial intelligence, and more. Make this journey more aware of your carbon footprint. journey stage.

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