Truro man dies after being charged with murder of mother


Adam Howe was arrested on suspicion of killing his mother Susan, a well-known and beloved Truro resident.

A man in Truro, police officer Adam Howe, who was arrested on suspicion of killing his mother and setting her body on fire on their front lawn, died in custody on Sunday.

After a medical emergency in his cell, Howe was taken to St. Luke was pronounced dead at a hospital in New Bedford, NBC 10 reported.

Officials said they have not yet determined the cause of death.

“Out of respect for the family, we have no additional comment or details,” a spokesman for the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Sunday night. “That family went through a lot this weekend; please put them in your prayers.”

Here’s what we know about the event so far.


Police responded to a request for a health check and a separate report of the fire at around 9:30 p.m. Friday, according to the Truro Police Department. When police arrived, they found 34-year-old Adam Howe outside the house with the front lawn on fire.

Police quickly realized the fire was a burning body, and Howe quickly returned to the house and locked the door.

The Cape Cod Regional SWAT team was called and eventually entered the house. Howe was arrested and charged with murder.

The victim was identified as Adam Howe’s mother, Susan Howe, 69.

What we know about victims

Susan Howe is a well-loved and well-known member of the Truro community, bringing energy and a passion for good to the small town near Cape Cod.

Adam Howe has been charged with murder after police found his mother’s body burning on her front lawn. – Image courtesy of Tewksbury Police Department

Susan Howe recently helped renovate a local playground to make it fully accessible and encouraged the town to showcase Blu-ray in the name of autism awareness, Boston Globe report.

She served as board chair of the Truro Historical Society, where she coordinated with the National Park Service to sign a 20-year lease to preserve the historic Highland home. With the signing recorded in a 2017 Facebook post, the Historical Society pledged to continue to manage the 1907 hotel as a museum dedicated to the history of Truro.

“Susan brings tremendous creativity, energy, time and enthusiasm to our organization. She loves Truro and is fully committed to preserving our history and culture and the well-being of her beloved town,” the Historical Society said in a statement. said in a statement Earth“Susan was a beacon to our organization and our town. Many of us loved her and we will always miss her.”

Susan Howe has also served on the Truro Disability Council. She reportedly helped install exercise equipment at Puma Park Playground and is coordinating the installation of a communication board at the park to help non-speakers enjoy the space. EarthA recent meeting of the committee was held at a Historical Society property to accommodate her busy schedule.

“Our hearts go out to hear the news that we have lost a beloved member of our community, Susan Howe. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this tragic loss. We are following law enforcement The tragedy is being investigated and there is no further comment at this time,” the Truro Select Committee said in a statement.

What we know about the suspect

On Saturday, Truro police said they were arranging for Adam Howe to undergo an “evaluation for mental health issues” after investigators spoke with the family.

Adam Howe was taken to Cape Cod Hospital for medical treatment after his arrest, Earth report. He was subsequently released from hospital but remains in police custody. Cape & Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe told the paper his office was sending Adam Howe to facilities such as Bridgewater State Hospital or Boston’s Lemuel Shattuck Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

O’Keefe declined to say whether police spoke to Adam Howe after his arrest, or if he provided any information about how his mother died.

“The mental health system — I’ve seen it fail many times in these kinds of tragedies,” O’Keefe told Earth“It’s really a broken system and I hope we can fix it in these days.”

This is not the first time Adam Howe has been detained. He was allegedly arrested by police in Tewksbury in August after breaking into a business in Old High Street. An employee arrived around 7am, found him inside, and left quickly.

Officers later found Adam Howe on the street and identified him as the break-in suspect. Police also learned that Howe is being searched for a warrant in Salem, New Hampshire, for receiving stolen property. He was arrested.

During a search of Adam Howe, police found he had Suboxone, a drug used to treat opioid addiction, without a prescription. He pleaded not guilty at a pretrial hearing in late September.

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