What Happened to Shark Tank Rear Inboard Technology?

Despite the obvious (and largely literal) hurdles, Inboard Technology didn’t come home empty-handed. Finally, “Shark Tank” starring “Mr. Fantastic,” aka Kevin O’Leary, and QVC’s Lori Greiner team up to share the bait. After much negotiation, Greiner and O’Leary made a final offer: They would lend the budding company $750,000 at a 9 percent interest rate (repayable in 36 months) in exchange for a 4 percent stake. Although Evans, Evans, and Haley (the company’s CEO, VP of Marketing, and CFO, respectively) initially sought $750,000 in direct equity in exchange for that 4%, they knew it was best not to turn down the only “Shark Tank” Quote on the table. So, a deal was struck (though according to the Shark Tank blog, it was actually 10% at 3%, despite the episode airing), handshakes, hugs, and Ryan Evans with the line, “We can’t wait to put this thing Ride on the moon.”

Sadly, the M1 didn’t make it.

As The Verge reported in November 2019 — about three years after season 8, episode 10 aired (according to IMDb) — the leap to another form of personal mobile, plus some old-fashioned, Brutal investor betrayal, company joins before Shark deal closes. Even the Skateboard PowerShift Battery, once sold on Amazon, is now listed as “currently unavailable” — here’s why.

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